Professional Services

Office Pro specializes in flexible staffing arrangements making it simple to add the talent where and when you need it. Our flexible solutions allow you to resource IT, Communications and Help Desk personnel that fit your unique requirements and support your business objectives.

In today’s fast paced business environment, technology changes constantly making it difficult to stay ahead of the competition   New software, cloud based infrastructure, cyber security and enterprise computing require a technical team up to speed on the latest and greatest in order to support the employee population, and finding and retaining top talent is a challenge for most enterprises.

And when projects come up unexpectedly and you have no one on your team capable of managing them – what do you do?   That’s when partnering with a staffing company to augment your existing team and add additional skills can save time and money. Our staffing solutions are based on years of in depth recruiting programs, national partnerships and the ability to find and secure top talent at the right compensation quickly.

Full Time Staff Employee

OfficePro offers full-time salaried employment to IT Professionals that desire to join our winning team for the long run. Full-Time Staff Employees receive a comprehensive company-paid benefits package that includes health, dental, disability, and life insurance, as well as personal time and paid holidays

W-2 Contractor

OfficePro offers the professional consultant a vehicle for operating as an independent without having to spend time, money and energy managing their own benefits, operating risk exposures, compensation tax liabilities and accounting responsibilities. We handle all employer-portion Federal and State compensation taxes, unemployment insurance benefit premiums, general liability and workers’ compensation insurance benefit premiums – all of which are paid and filed by OfficePro on behalf of the W-2 contractor.

Corporate 1099 Subcontractor

For those IT Professionals who prefer to manage their own benefits, business risk exposures and tax liabilities, as well as operate as a pure independent under a self-incorporated structure, OfficePro offers a corporation-to-corporation subcontracting program. Although we make every effort to minimize the demands placed on our corporate contractors, OfficePro does require that all corporate contractors carry general liability and officer/owner-included workers’ compensation insurance.

Our candidates are subjected to rigorous interviews and testing to ensure they possess the skills they claim to have. Our recruiting network includes some of the leading staffing and recruiting companies in commercial and government business today. We do the extreme vetting of all candidates so you only meet the best possible person for your job.

Managing your on-site staff is where we really excel, helping to ensure our staff is performing the tasks at hand to your satisfaction, while constantly looking for areas of improvement to serve you better.

OfficePro services are also designed to best serve the Government and government services industry.

Our placements range from Mission Critical specialists to Security Clearance personnel available for short and long- term deployments throughout the US. Our extensive knowledge of Government contracting and our staffing practices and Professional services, offer solutions for most government requirements.

As a certified Small Business with a GSA schedule, we help you fulfill your diversity goals and make the staffing and contracting process easier.

We provide staffing resources for:

  • IT Help Desk
  • IT Technical Managers
  • PMP Certified Project Managers
  • VOIP Architects and Designers
  • Datacenter Designers
  • System Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Visual Communications Support Specialists

Roving Care Implementation Specialists

OfficePro offers an implementation and support service Roving Care which takes the pressure off the IT Department when faced with a large scale roll out or implementation. Teaching employees and end users how to effectively use new technologies requires a thoughtful plan with hands on instruction and support.

Roving Care personnel are user friendly and less technical than a Level 1 IT Help Desk support, and are deployed within the Enterprise to “rove” within a facility helping personnel utilize new productivity tools. These service is offered throughout the US, and available in short and long-term assignments.

Roving Care specialists are available as singular resources:

  • Level 1 – onsite roaming tech support/one on one training – short term
  • Level 1 – onsite resource tech support/one on one training – long term

Or Bundled with training:

  • Support Staff Training +1 or 2 weeks Roving Care
  • Train the trainer + Refresher course
  • Support Staff Refresher course
  • Support Staff Training + 2 weeks Roving Care + 6 months BRC