Professional Services

Office Pro specializes in flexible staffing arrangements, making it simple to add the talent where and when you need it. Our flexible solutions allow you to resource IT, communications, and help desk personnel that fit your unique requirements and support your business objectives.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, technology changes constantly, making it difficult to stay ahead of the competition. New software, cloud-based infrastructure, cybersecurity, and enterprise computing require a technical team up to speed on the latest and greatest in order to support the employee population, and finding and retaining top talent is a challenge for most enterprises.

And when projects come up unexpectedly and you have no one on your team capable of managing them – what do you do? That’s when partnering with a staffing company to augment your existing team and add additional skills can save time and money. Our staffing solutions are based on years of in-depth recruiting programs, national partnerships, and the ability to find and secure top talent at the right compensation quickly.

Roving Care Implementation Specialists

OfficePro offers an implementation and support service Roving Care which takes the pressure off the IT department when faced with a large-scale rollout or implementation. Teaching employees and end users how to effectively use new technologies requires a thoughtful plan with hands-on instruction and support.

Roving Care personnel are user friendly and less technical than a level 1 IT help desk support, and are deployed within the enterprise to “rove” within a facility helping personnel utilize new productivity tools. This service is offered throughout the US and available in short and long-term assignments.

Roving Care specialists are available as singular resources

  • Level 1 – On-site Roaming Tech Support/One-on-One Training – Short Term
  • Level 1 – On-Site Resource Tech Support/One-on-One Training – Long Term

Or bundled with training

  • Support Staff Training +1 or 2 Weeks Roving Care
  • Train the Trainer + Refresher Course
  • Support Staff Refresher Course
  • Support Staff Training + 2 Weeks Roving Care + 6 Months BRC